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Letters from Doc

I attended a family reunion where I came across some newspaper articles about Doc and several letters that he wrote just before his last mission.

Navigator is Cold to Duty in Aleutians
Lieutenant Nunnery Wilson, navigator on a B-24 bomber up in the Aleutians since last June, makes no bones about it. He doesn’t like life in the far north.
“I haven’t enjoyed it a bit,” he declared. “It’s too far from civilization.”
Lieutenant Wilson landed at Will Rogers field Friday and stayed in the city an hour or two on his way to Washington, Okla., to spend a week’s furlough with his parents, Rev., and Mrs. J.W. Wilson.
Wilson talks in monosyllables, a habit you acquire when your conversation is continually drowned out by the roar of airplanes motors.
“Plenty,” he replied, when asked whether he had seen action. “A little anti-aircraft. Dropped some bombs.”
The closest shave was on one occasion when the bombers flew out over the Bering Sea looking for a Japanese convoy, including battleships, cruisers, destroyers, and transports. They found it.
“We dropped bombs. They shot. It came all around us. I could see it. Heard explosions.”
Did they get shot down? Not Wilson’s plane. Did they sink any Jap ships?
“I’m not saying whether we did or we didn’t.”
Chief worry of the navigator around Alaska said Wilson is the dense fog which usually extends all the way from 1,000 to 25,000 feet. He believes American planes are better equipped to meet northern weather conditions than Japanese planes are.
Wilson will return to the Aleutians September 3. It’s the Army Air Corps idea, not his.

There were three letters from Doc to his brother Orville written in November and December 1942 and January 1943. Doc’s nickname for Orville was “Bud.”

Friday Night […]

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Consciousness and Light

In a video on YouTube, Peter Russell reviews the various theories on the nature of consciousness and how they evolved over the centuries.

In the video, Peter builds a case for an objective universe paradigm, where consciousness is the source of everything. This is opposed to a subjective universe paradigm that insists there is a “real” physical world that exists regardless of whether consciousness is present.  Even though I had read that the scientist Stephen Hawkin had proposed an objective universe theory, this was the first time I had heard the theory explained. It fit nicely with the experiences I had regarding creating your own basketball universe.

Peter explained that consciousness is a big mystery to scientists.  We understand how parts of the brain are involved in various thoughts and feelings, but we don’t understand how consciousness interacts with the physical body.   We know that we are conscious, but consciousness appears to be non-physical in nature.

Peter theorized that time, space, and matter are different fluctuations in a consciousness field. One analogy for this would be a movie projector.  Light from the projector bulb shines through a film, which filters the light in different ways, which in turn projects images on the screen.  When we watch a movie, we can get very involved in the experience, so much so that we think it is real. However, it is filtered light that appears as a simulated reality.  In the analogy, pure consciousness is like the light from the projector bulb, while different fluctuations in the energy field act the light-filtering action of the film.  The result is a physical reality with time, space, and matter.

Peter built upon this analogy by discussing the nature of light itself. Light does […]

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Black Holes at the Center of Galaxies

I also did some research on the Web about physics and cosmology to see if any of the latest theories could help me verify whether my death meditation experience had been a vision of some unknown reality or just an elaborate daydream. I searched for information about black holes and learned that the concept of a black hole started in the early 1900’s with Einstein’s work on relativity. The theory was that a star like our sun would eventually explode and implode simultaneously in the form of a supernova. The implosion would compact matter so densely, that an intense gravity would result that would even prevent light from escaping. Formulas showed that most of the matter in the original star would be crushed to an infinitely small point.

Later some scientists who were watching the explosion of a supernova discovered what they believe to be the first verifiable black hole after the light of the explosion died away a few years later. Probably the most interesting fact I discovered involved scientists who were studying the orbits of stars at the center of our Milky Way galaxy. The orbits of these stars seemed to pivot around a nothingness that from their calculations had to have a mass of several million stars. They called this phenomena a “super-massive black hole” and they theorized that every galaxy had one at its center. The tornado-bathed-in-light that I had seen during the death meditation had been at the center of a spiral-armed galaxy.

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The Multidimensional Human

My friend, Norm Farb, provided this outline on Kurt Leland’s book, The Multidimensional Human.


Details the origins of the book, and provides a synopsis

Recounts how I spent a year on an Internet forum on astral projection, lucid dreams, and out-of-body experiences (OBEs), answering members’ questions, learning what people interested in astral projection are reading, the techniques that do or don’t work for them, the places they get stuck

Tells how, through this forum, I became aware of enormously valuable, but mostly forgotten, theosophical material on astral projection published a century or more ago

Explains how exposure to this material has greatly accelerated my development as a projector and why I want to pass on what I’ve learned from it about becoming multidimensional humans

Part I. Discovering Your Multidimensionality

Explains what it means to be multidimensional humans: how we exist on a variety of planes beyond the physical; we’re mostly unaware of these planes; psychic development and astral projection allows us to explore them

Points out that, though some of us are familiar with the astral plane, through reading or direct experience, there are many planes beyond it

Reveals that each of these planes is more challenging, yet more rewarding to explore than the last, in terms of range of perception, understanding, opportunities to learn and grow, contact with highly evolved nonphysical beings, and ecstatic spiritual bliss

Indicates that pursuing psychic development and astral projection as a spiritual practice allows us to access these planes, climbing them like a ladder until we reach one of our developmental goals as human beings: the ultimate bliss of oneness with the Source of all being

Chapter 1. Invisible Helpers Class

Recounts a recent adventure in nonphysical reality, an invisible helpers class, in which I learned to swoop down […]

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Nature of Light

One of the things I found interesting in this research was the nature of light. The speed of light, which is 186,000 miles per second, is thought to be the fastest speed possible in the universe. Yet, light has both a particle-like nature and a wave-like nature. Unlike sound waves which bounce from one air molecule to another as they make their way from one person’s mouth to another person’s ear, light waves traveling from the sun to the earth do not have anything to move through. There is nothing but empty space between the sun and earth. It was as if light really didn’t exist, but we know that is not true when we look up at the sky on a bright sunny day. In fact, without the light from the sun, life on earth is impossible.

When light is measured as a particle, it’s called a photon. Various experiments involving particle physics were aimed at smashing particles into one another at high speed and measuring the results. In some experiments, electrons collide and are annihilated, and the collision results in the release of a photon of light. In other super high-speed collision experiments, particles are seen to disappear, and anti-particles appear out of nowhere.

I had several meditation experiences involving light, and in those experiences I found that light does not travel as waves or particles from point A to point B. Instead, expanding basketball universes travel with light as part of the pattern of reality.

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Doc’s Last Bombing Mission

It was January 18, 1943 and their mission was to bomb the harbor of Kiska Island. Earlier in the day, a weather reconnaissance plane had spotted two Japanese ships in the harbor. The bombing mission consisted of six B-24 bombers, four B-26 bombers, and six P-38 Lightning fighters.

Alaska’s Aleutian Islands had become a hot spot in World War II, when the Japanese invaded two islands at the far end of the island chain; Kiska and Attu. While not known at the time, the invasion was a diversionary attack by the Japanese to take attention off their main attack planned for Midway Island.

Four months after the bombing of Pearl Harbor in Hawaii, the Americans had launched a daring raid to bomb Tokyo using a dozen or more two-engine B-25 bombers flown from an aircraft carrier. This famous bombing mission was known as the “Doolittle Raid,” named after the commander of the raid, Lt. Colonel Jimmy Doolittle. When the Japanese encountered the normally land-based B-25 bombers flying over their capital city just four months after Pearl Harbor, they were convinced that the Americans had launched them from bases on either Midway Island or the Aleutians. Therefore, to protect their homeland, they decided to invade both to create a buffer zone.

For the Americans, even though Alaska was officially still a territory and not a state, the invasion of Kiska and Attu in the Aleutians was considered an invasion of North America and the American homeland. Thus, a vigorous defense was devised that involved stationing the 11th Air Force in the Aleutians and training an amphibious invasion force to retake the islands.

The flight from Adak […]

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What is the Temperature in Heaven

Does anyone know what the temperature is like in heaven?
If you were preparing for a trip there, what would you bring?
As you sort through your wardrobe of memories,
What would you pack?

Obviously heaven is cooler than hell,
But is it a cold weather climate or warm?
And how much baggage are you allowed to bring?
When taking a trip to infinity, it’s important to pack smart.

Sorting through the dusty part of your wardrobe of memories,
You pack your baby clothes along with that odd looking shirt you wore to first grade.
You grab everything you can from growing up through your teenage years…
That monstrosity you wore on your first date…
The unmentionable item you were wearing under your graduation gown.

Your wardrobe of memories is organized like a timeline…
The earliest stuff on the left
The most recent on the right.
You grab great handfuls of memories and pack them away.

When the wardrobe is empty,
You look out at the vast collection of luggage this life has created,
Wondering if you properly tagged each one with your name and address.
Lost bags on this trip are rarely returned.

The road to heaven leads down to a wide river.
You arrive with a cart overflowing with luggage,
Only to discover an old man waiting to take you across
In the smallest rowboat you’ve ever seen.

He looks at your cart full of memories and shakes his head in disbelief.
“There’s no room for all that,” he scolds.
So, you hurriedly sort through your bags and reduce your essentials,
Down to two large rolling suitcases.

But, when you try to step out onto the dock,
The old man shakes his head once again.
“There’s no room for […]

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Many Worlds Theory

A very complicated theory I came across online is the Many-Worlds theory of the universe. It is based on an interpretation of quantum mechanics that every possible event exists in its own complete history or world. In other words, there could be an almost infinite number of universes for everything that has ever happened, could have happened but didn’t, and that might happen in the future.  To explore this concept even deeper, some physicists theorize that these universes are parallel and that alternative events actually happened in the parallel universes. For example, in this universe you might stop at the cross walk when the light turned red.  But, in a parallel universe you might not see the red light and walk right into the path of a screeching taxicab.

For me, the Many-Worlds theory seems to correspond to the array of basketball universes that I experienced during my death meditation with life energies bouncing from one basketball universe to another, taking sudden turns along the path to avoid that taxi.

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Online Meditation

There is a guided online meditation you can try for free called “Isha Kriya.”  It is recommended that you do this meditation practice at least once a day for 40 days.  After you have watched it online a few times, you’ll be able to do it yourself without having to be guided.  It is a nice, calming meditation that anyone can do while sitting in a chair.

To access the meditation, click here.

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