In “Journeys Out of Body” by Robert Monroe, the author went on numerous out-of-body experiences to visit a dimension that is inhabited by beings who have died and are in various stages of awareness. For example, he comes across a young boy who appears to have recently died from a disease, and when he meets Mr. Monroe, he thinks the astral projected man is an angel who will guide him on what to do.

After reading “Journeys Out of Body,” I believe the out-of-body experiences that Robert Monroe writes about are life after death experiences and that it is possible for us to experience this existence before we die. Robert Monroe created the Monroe Institute in order to help people develop the ability to have out-of-body experiences so they could experience this dimension and prove for themselves that there is an existence after death.

Of all the experiences that Robert Monroe wrote about, one that I found interesting was a process that appeared to be sexual intercourse in the afterlife. Monroe recounted that he encountered various beings, male and female in nature, who blended momentarily with his energy. This intermingling of energies lasted only a few seconds, but it gave both beings a very pleasant sexual-like release and energy boost.