I have had a very strange recurring dream that seems to reappear from time to time as a reminder that there is nothing to fear, not even death.

In the dream, I was living in my childhood house, when a man came to the door.  He was wearing a white flowing robe and had a long white beard. The previous time I had this dream, I thought he was Moses. Now, he appeared more like the mystic. He didn’t speak, but he motioned for me come outside.

When I stepped out on the concrete porch, the man seemed to communicate with me without speaking. He wanted me to follow him, but he also warned me to be careful and not touch the ground.  Instead of just walking in the grass, we had to climb on the railings of porch, and then cling to bricks on the side of the house as we inched our way around the house and into the backyard.

When we made it to the back of the house, I could see an enormous cemetery where my childhood backyard would have been.  Again, he bid me to be careful and not touch the ground.  In my mind I heard him say, “This is hallowed ground that we dare not touch with our feet.”

He jumped from his perch on the edge of the house and landed on top of one of the headstones. He motioned for me to the do the same and pointed to a nearby headstone. It seemed to be an impossible distance to jump, but I did it anyway and landed exactly where I had planned.

We then began walking and jumping from one headstone to another as we ventured deeper into the middle of the cemetery.  It seemed to be very old with tightly packed graves and many above ground monuments and mausoleums.  We climbed over angels and crosses, Stars of David, and stone bibles.  We stepped over big tripod wreaths of dying flowers, over deep holes for freshly dug graves, and finally stopped on top of one very tall monument that gave us an excellent view of headstones in every direction.

He motioned for me to look around at the expanse of this giant final resting place. Then, I heard his voice in my head say, “See, how many times this has happened. See how many have done it before you.  It’s not hard.  It’s not as hard as everyone thinks.”