I died on Tuesday in a parallel universe. Since many scientists are now espousing the concept of multiverses where every possibility occurs, then the theory should probably conclude that all of us died last Tuesday.

In my case, I felt my parallel universe death rippling across the various dimensions so that I felt something in this universe where I appear to be living this particular continuity of existence and am occasionally maintaining this website.

Last Tuesday, I arrived at work early, and as I was entering the building, I was thinking about my plans for the day. I thought about putting off my morning yoga practice to the afternoon, when I heard this voice in my head (which I’ve come to believe is the voice of the True Self) say, “don’t put it off…you might not be here this afternoon. This could be your last day on earth.”

I went ahead and did my yoga practice in a vacant conference room, and then went about a normal mundane day, thinking a lot about what the voice had said. If this was my last day to be alive, there was nothing I could do to make it special. I was stuck at work. However, I decided to consider the experience a “today you will die” meditation. I strongly recommend it for everyone, because it gives you a completely different perspective regardless of what you are doing throughout the day. In my case, I made purposeful eye contact with everyone I met in the halls, and almost everyone looked back and shared a bit of energy with me.

I made it through the end of my work day and started my commute home. I was especially attentive to the traffic, checking to confirm that cross traffic stopped at lights and stop signs. I didn’t take any traffic rule for granted. I took the back way home, which involves various small two-lane roads that wind through the hilly part of town. As I was driving along on a narrow road, I suddenly saw a large Mac truck approaching behind very fast. He got right up on my bumper, trying to push me to accelerate. When I saw the Mac logo on the truck, I laughed to myself. “Here it comes,” I thought. People are always getting killed by Mac trucks it seems. I refused to accelerate, and the truck closed to less than a car length behind me. Any problem ahead that involved a fast stop was going to result in the truck plowing it me from behind and probably driving completely over me.

At that moment, a car pulled out from a cross street in front of me. I had to slow down to avoid hitting him, and in the process the Mac truck had to also slow down. For the rest of the journey on this winding road, the new lead car drove painfully slow, below the speed limit. This caused the Mac truck to slow too, and the momentum of going up and down hills – which he was trying to even out by going fast – caused him to fall further and further behind me. That’s when I thought, “Oh that’s probably an angel that is driving that lead car.”

We finally arrived an intersection where the road I was on meets a busy 4-lane highway. There are trees and bushes on both sides of the intersection, so it is impossible to see the traffic approaching on the 4-lane highway, other than seeing the vehicles flash past right in front of you. The lead car was waiting in front of me for the light to turn green, when I noticed that the Mac truck was no longer behind me. He must have turned off in an industrial section a mile or so back. When I looked back forward to thank the lead car, the light was still red. However, suddenly the lead car jetted out into the intersection, running the light with no way to see whether cars were coming on the 4-lane highway. He made a left turn, as just as he disappeared around the corner, a mass of traffic crisscrossed in front of me in both directions. I couldn’t figure out how he made it.

At that moment, the light turned green for me, so I pulled out carefully, and turned to follow the lead car. He was only about 10 seconds ahead of me, and there was a big hill that allowed you to see ahead for a mile or more, but when I started down the hill, I looked ahead and couldn’t see that lead car anywhere. He had vanished. That’s when I began to wonder, had he really been there at all, or was he an illusion to make me slow down.

When I got home after work, my wife was depressed and didn’t know why. When I told her about what happened to me, she thought that might be the cause of her depression. Somewhere in a very close parallel universe, it had been a very bad day.

Overall, this was very mystical day, but it wasn’t my last. And I haven’t had any premotions like that since. You should consider doing a “this is my last day” meditation for an entire day. It gives you a completely different viewpoint on life that can be very beneficial. The mystic told us once that we should think about our deaths every day. It strengthens you, it makes you spiritual, and one day in the future it won’t be just a meditation – and you’ll be completely prepared.