During a deep-dive 10-day meditation, I came to the realization that each of us is creating our own reality using some type of pattern, much the same way DNA creates life from a pattern of proteins.  I had already experienced the basketball universes that filled the Akasha with preserved and probable versions of “now moments” for each person, and the realization that we created these universes ourselves should have been apparent to me earlier.   When it came to me during the 10-day meditation, I did not have a better word than “pattern” for the mechanism that allows us to create a shared reality.

One thought experiment involved painting your room.  If you paint your room blue and no one knows about it, how is it that when a friend comes over and visits the room, they see a blue room?  The idea is that if you know your room is blue, you have contributed something to the reality pattern.

In Max Tegmark’s book, “Our Mathematical Universe,” he called this pattern a “consensual reality.”  I think that is a great way to describe it, as we each give our consent to create this shared reality, we all contribute towards the details of existence, and we pass information about it to one another.

The idea of sharing information in the consensual reality is something I wanted to write about in this article.   Various scientific theories now focus on the idea of non-locality – the idea in physics that a particle can be in two places at the same time, and that when something happens to one particle, the other seems to know about it at a speed faster than the speed of light.  Some of the theories discussed by Max Tegmark examine the idea that if any single particle of energy, say an electron, learns about a change in the universe, the electron’s knowledge of this change is contributed to the consensual reality. Therefore from my earlier thought experiment, if a single electron learns that my room has been painted blue, the entire universe will have knowledge of the fact.

Ervin Laszlo wrote in his book, “Science and the Akashic Field” that the Akashic Field is where the consensual reality is actually communicated.  It occurs outside of time and space in the zero-point field.

I witnessed something like this during the death meditation, when I was pulled into the void through a tornado-bathed-in-light and saw the endless array of basketball universes.  Of all the things I witnessed, there was one small detail that I believe relates to this discussion.  There was a wave like pattern rippling through the basketball universes.  I had  seen lightning bolts of life energy that zigzagged through the basketballs as a particular person lived their life, but these waves of rippled motion through the basketball universes had remained a mystery to me.  Now, I believe I know what they are.  I believe they are the pattern, the consensual reality, being updated.  As life energy passed through a basketball and the change occurred from one moment of now to the next, all of the probable future basketball universes pulsed with a wave of information that caused them to update themselves in order to accommodate the change.   Something as simple as me painting my room blue, would cause a ripple in every direction so that every possible future would include a blue room.

I do not know any of this for sure, but this is my hypothesis at this point, based on the amazing experiences I had during the death meditation.  Why else would the basketball universes move with wave-like undulation, unless there was a purpose to it.  And why did only the probable future basketballs move this way?  I think it was because they were preparing themselves and passing the information from one possible universe to the next.

So with all of this in mind,  I am posting this article today and causing a ripple in the array of universes, so that when you stumble across this page, it will be filled with the words I’ve written here today.