Bob Brueck contributed the following based on a dream he had about a Boy and an unseen presence.  I think it fits well with one of the themes of this website, which is the idea that you are creating your own reality, your own universe, and that you are responsible for your perception of it.  Bob said the dream went something like this:

Boy:  I don’t think there is a God.

P:  Oh yes there is.

Boy:  Then where is he?

P:  He is running the projector.

Boy:  What projector?

P:  The one that is creating Earth.

Boy:  But Earth is already here.

P:  Yes, but you want to grow up to be a man, don’t you?

Boy:  Oh yes, I would like to grow up smart, handsome, and rich.

P:  That will depend on how you and God decide to run the projector.

Boy:  How do I get to help?

P:  You will make decisions. God will help show you what they mean.

Boy:  How will God show me?

P:  He will run the projector.

Boy:  What will the projector do?

P:  It picks the new picture of Earth every minute, including one of you.

Boy:  Is that like a movie?

P:  Yes.

Boy:  And I am in it?

P:  Yes.

Boy:  What is the movie about?

P:  You.