I watched an interesting documentary video, DMT – The Spirit Molecule that is available as a streaming video on Amazon and Netflix. In the documentary, we learn about several scientists who have conducted experiments on volunteers to learn about the affects of the hallucinogenic drug, DMT. DMT is the active ingredient in the shamanistic therapy called Ayahuasca. All of the volunteers who took DMT recalled something very similar to an out-of-body experience. Most of their stories involved visits to a spirit realm where they saw spirits waiting to be born, flying energy forms, complex civilizations, and intelligent spirit beings.

One of the interesting things about DMT is that it is naturally occurring in many plants and in the human body itself.  Normally, the liver adds a suppressing enzyme that cancels out the hallucinogenic affects of DMT.   The shaman of Peru who create Ayahuasca have found a mixture of plants that not only provide DMT but mix it with a chemical that stops the liver from creating the suppressing enzyme. Therefore, Ayahuasca offers a way to use DMT for a hallucinogenic trip that lasts 4 to 6 hours.

The variety of scientists who are interviewed in the documentary talk about DMT being a spirit molecule.  They see it as a substance that can allow human beings to travel into the spirit realm, and they see applications for people who have terminal illnesses and have extreme anxiety about dying.  DMT would allow these dying people a chance to see what lies beyond. The scientists also believe that DMT is something in a completely different category from drugs like LSD and peyote. DMT “trips” seem to be extremely vivid out-of-body experiences that appear to be enlightening in nature. People who have experimented with DMT learn important lessons about existence, and they have a completely different outlook on like afterwards.

After watching the video, one thought I had involved whether people who are dying and have “hallucinations” are actually experiencing the effects of naturally occurring DMT in their own bodies.  Perhaps as the body systems begin to shutdown, the suppressing enzymes in the liver stop being emitted, and these dying individuals are experiencing a natural DMT trip.

If you are interested in watching this video, there is a link to it on Amazon below.