In exploring how consciousness manifests as physical reality, Bob and I have looked at a number of different explanations.  One of the most detailed descriptions of how this phenomena works is available from the channeled entity, Seth, in the Seth Material.   The Seth books were channeled by and written by Jane Roberts.  Seth appears to be a very old soul who is able to communicate through Jane and answer questions about the fundamental workings of the universe.

Seth’s explanation of how consciousness manifests as physical reality starts with two main concepts: consciousness units (CU’s) and electro-magnetic energy (EE’s).   Seth says that there are units of consciousness, just like there are units of matter.  The consciousness units are not physical and cannot be broken down into smaller units.  “All That Is” or the god-consciousness is within all consciousness.  A “self” (you and me) are an organization of CU’s. CU’s can be in all places at once and are the initializing force in physical matter.  All probable realities are connected via their CU’s.

Electromagnetic energy (EE’s) are an interconnection of all CU’s outside of space time and are the carriers of information that manage change within physical manifestations.  EE’s are creations from consciousness and are formed spontaneously from thoughts or emotions.  Since the CU’s are non-physical, they contain infinite properties of expansion, development, and organization.  This implies that our “true self” is also non-physical, and it is responsible for manifesting EE’s and physical reality.  In other words,   we are a form of aware energy that can manifest itself in human form if it so chooses to do so and we are creating our own physical reality.  We can also manifest ourselves without a human form, thus we can exist outside of the body after death.

The concepts of EE’s and CU’s seem to explain much of the phenomena we find in the latest scientific experiments.  For instance, non-locality, the concept that sub-atomic particles are somehow able to communicate instantaneously across vast distances of space, is explained by Seth’s concepts of EE’s as a interconnection of CU’s outside of space-time.  They can communicate faster than the speed of light and be everywhere at once.   These concepts also are great at explaining almost every type of psychic phenomena:  telekinesis (CU’s can move organizations of EE’s),  psychic abilities to read minds or see the future (all probable realities are connected via their CU’s),  ghosts (CU’s that manifest without bodies),  out-of-body experiences (CU’s that manifest other dimensions of reality),  miracle healing (CU’s that affect change in damaged EE structures),  and reincarnation (The same collection of CU’s manifesting as EE’s in many different physical forms).

If you are interested in exploring more about Seth, here are links to some of his books below.