A very complicated theory I came across online is the Many-Worlds theory of the universe. It is based on an interpretation of quantum mechanics that every possible event exists in its own complete history or world. In other words, there could be an almost infinite number of universes for everything that has ever happened, could have happened but didn’t, and that might happen in the future.  To explore this concept even deeper, some physicists theorize that these universes are parallel and that alternative events actually happened in the parallel universes. For example, in this universe you might stop at the cross walk when the light turned red.  But, in a parallel universe you might not see the red light and walk right into the path of a screeching taxicab.

For me, the Many-Worlds theory seems to correspond to the array of basketball universes that I experienced during my death meditation with life energies bouncing from one basketball universe to another, taking sudden turns along the path to avoid that taxi.