One of the best explanations of the nature of energy is in the book, “Demystifying the Out-of-Body Experience” by Luis Minero.  The explanation starts with the idea that we have layers of bodies: a physical body, an energy body, and an astral body.  The energy body is what links the physical body to the astral body.  The astral body is the body we can use for out-of-body experiences, near-death experiences, and as a transition body after death.  The energy in the energy body is non-physical in nature, and it serves to vitalize the physical body and essentially gives us life energy.

Energy is classically defined as the “potential to do work.”   That word “potential” is interesting because it can imply something that does not yet exist.  The energy used in our energy body is non-physical in nature, yet it maintains life in our physical body.   Consciousness is also non-physical,  so it makes sense to conclude that life energy is a projection of consciousness into the physical reality.

In Luis Minero’s book,  he refers to life energy as “bioenergy.”   He classifies bioenergy into two categories: immanent energy and consciential energy.  Immanent energy is the energy that comes from nature, such as water energy,  gravity,  magnetism, and electricity.  It is unprocessed and contains no perceivable information.  Consciential energy is the energy that consciousness uses to manifest.  It contains information.

A “thosene” is a unit of consciousness manifestation and is composed of thoughts, sentiments, and energy.   Consciousness does not manifest without this combination of three things.  As an example, there are no thoughts without sentiments or energy.  Minero says that intellectual energy is more balanced and subtle, while emotional energy is denser and less stable.   Thosenes can accumulate in a particular place, or be associated with a particular person, or with a object.  Minero calls the accumulation of thosenes a “holothosene.”   They are like a sphere of energy that can collect in a location or follow a person around.   Holothosenes can have an influence on an individual and they include a feedback mechanism that sustains the energy and makes it grow.  As an example, a church may fill with holothosenes of worship and peace,  therefore when you are in a church, the holothosenes that have accumulate there offer comfort.  The same is true for a troubled individual who seems to change the energy in a room when they enter.  It is like a dark cloud of doom follows them around.

The energy body is made up of a collection of chakras, which are centers for processing of non-physical energy.  The chakras allow for absorption, circulation, or exteriorization of energy and we have 88,000 of them, almost as many as we have pores on our skin.  This is how the energy body (and consciousness) vitalize our physical bodies with life energy.  The exteriorization of energy implies that we can transmit life energy in the form of thosenes from one person to another.  According to Minero, just thinking about someone creates thosenes that transmit energy to the person you are thinking about.   Thus, it becomes easier to perceive of the idea that the exteriorization of energy in the form of thosenes can collect in physical locations and become holothosenes.

Another concept explained in Minero’s book are morphothosenes.  These are extraphysical forms and realities that created with thosenes.  In other words, they are worlds created by thoughts.  According to Minero,  the astral world that is experienced during an out-of-body experience is composed of morphothosenes or thought forms.  What is interesting about the concept of astral travel is that morphothosenes are collections of group thought.  It seems to be a pattern of reality that is created by all astral travelers.   There are many different dimensions composed of morphothosenes and consciousness can access a large number of them by simply tuning into them.  After investigating this concept in depth,  it appears that physical reality is actually a morphothosene that is quite old.  It is composed of a collection of holothosenes from millions of extraphysical conciousnesses who have lived in this existence.   This was a major revelation for me because I had an experience where I realized I was creating my own basketball universes, and I was using a pattern of reality to create them.   I now can think of that pattern as a morphothosene that has been created by all the conciousnesses that have ever lived in this physical reality.   We have created physical reality from countless holothosenes.

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