I recently asked the mystic the following question:  “How does the non-physical energy body interact with the physical body to produce health and vitality, and what is it that controls the energy body?”

He answered first focusing on the word “interact.”    He said, “interaction implies these two are separate, and they have to interact with each other.  That’s not really so.  One has grown out of the other. You cannot separate the root and the rest of the tree.  How does the root interact with the branches, the leaves, flowers, and fruits?   They happen together. If you cut down the tree without uprooting it, you know that the tree can sprout back. Similarly, this is the relationship between the energy body and the physical body.  The energy body is the root and the physical body is a just a manifestation.”

The mystic went on to explain that there is a phenomenal amount of intelligence and activity in the every cell in our bodies, even a single molecule of DNA.  So if this physical body manifests in such a majestic way, just imagine the level of intelligence and sophistication of the energy body.   Not all of the energy body manifests in the physical.  The energy body is not just about growing a physical body.  It is about the flower and fruit.   The human being has to flower and find his fruition.  The energy body is of a much higher capability with much more immense possibilities.

What manages the energy body?  The mystic said that is like asking what is it that manages the universe?  Because the context is the same.  It is only the size of the component that is different.

“It is the same emptiness, the same nothingness […]