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Does the Universe Loop Back on Itself?

If you search Google for, “Does the Universe Loop Back on Itself,” you will find a lively discussion of articles that focus on the nature of the physical universe.  The idea of a curved physical universe that loops back on itself is a theory many people now espouse.  They see a round spherical universe similar to a balloon with galaxies on the inside of the balloon’s skin.   In a way, it is similar to the revolutionary idea from the 1400’s that the earth was round. Prior to that, most people believed it was flat.   Just as with a round earth, with a spherical universe if you travel long enough in one direction, you’ll end up where you started.

From my own meditative experiences where I saw basketball universes that were stored in what I now know as the Akashic Field, each instance of the universe was round, seemed to be expanding, and had galaxies on its edges.   Adding to this idea of a spherical universe, in my Akashic experience, there seemed to be an infinite number of universes arranged in an array.  Each was an instance of “now” created (or experienced) by an individual human being.   There are several implications to what I witnessed that became apparent to me later.  First, each person is responsible for their “version” of the universe.  Second, each person creates their own version of the universe using a universal pattern of reality.

In the book, “Demystifying the Out-of-Body Experience” by Luis Minero, he explained the concepts of “Thosenes,” “Holothosenes,” and “Morphothosenes.”   While, I’ve written about Luis Minero’s ideas in another article,  to summarize briefly here,  a Thosene is a combination of a thought, energy, and emotion.  Holothosenes are thought clouds that […]

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Meeting the Soul

When someone asked the mystic about the nature of the soul, he pointed to the sole of his foot and asked, “you mean this sole?”    He scoffed at the concept of a “soul” because it implied a singularity of existence.   Instead, he prefers to talk about a spirit, which differs from the concept of a soul because it is more inclusive and can incorporate an almost infinite number of earthly existences.

Swami Kriyananda’s guru was Yogananda, and in Swami Kriyananda’s book,  A New Path, he talked about Yogananda’s discussions regarding the nature of the “True Self.”   Yogananda said that we have an internal presence that manifests itself in countless earthly lifetimes.   The True Self can be thought of as the “I am” or your personal point-of-view that lives on after death.   It maintains the continuity of existence from one lifetime to the next because it lives outside of space-time.  According to Yogananda, in some situations, the True Self may incarnate as multiple lives that exist on earth simultaneously.   From one lifetime to the next, the various existences can have entirely different personalities.  In fact, Yogananda talked about examining his incarnation as a guru before being born into it.  Despite the fact that he had a very advanced and thoughtful personality, he still saw flaws in his personality from his pre-birth perspective.  He described it as a “heavy coat” that he dreaded having to wear.

There are two opposing concepts one can discern from Yogananda’s discussions about the True Self.   One concept would be that our earthly personality does not survive death.   In discussions with the mystic about the survival of the personality, he described our individual personalities as smelly odors.   In addition,  Yogananda said that every […]

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A Movie About You

Bob Brueck contributed the following based on a dream he had about a Boy and an unseen presence.  I think it fits well with one of the themes of this website, which is the idea that you are creating your own reality, your own universe, and that you are responsible for your perception of it.  Bob said the dream went something like this:

Boy:  I don’t think there is a God.

P:  Oh yes there is.

Boy:  Then where is he?

P:  He is running the projector.

Boy:  What projector?

P:  The one that is creating Earth.

Boy:  But Earth is already here.

P:  Yes, but you want to grow up to be a man, don’t you?

Boy:  Oh yes, I would like to grow up smart, handsome, and rich.

P:  That will depend on how you and God decide to run the projector.

Boy:  How do I get to help?

P:  You will make decisions. God will help show you what they mean.

Boy:  How will God show me?

P:  He will run the projector.

Boy:  What will the projector do?

P:  It picks the new picture of Earth every minute, including one of you.

Boy:  Is that like a movie?

P:  Yes.

Boy:  And I am in it?

P:  Yes.

Boy:  What is the movie about?

P:  You.

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