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Sex in the Afterlife

In “Journeys Out of Body” by Robert Monroe, the author went on numerous out-of-body experiences to visit a dimension that is inhabited by beings who have died and are in various stages of awareness. For example, he comes across a young boy who appears to have recently died from a disease, and when he meets Mr. Monroe, he thinks the astral projected man is an angel who will guide him on what to do.

After reading “Journeys Out of Body,” I believe the out-of-body experiences that Robert Monroe writes about are life after death experiences and that it is possible for us to experience this existence before we die. Robert Monroe created the Monroe Institute in order to help people develop the ability to have out-of-body experiences so they could experience this dimension and prove for themselves that there is an existence after death.

Of all the experiences that Robert Monroe wrote about, one that I found interesting was a process that appeared to be sexual intercourse in the afterlife. Monroe recounted that he encountered various beings, male and female in nature, who blended momentarily with his energy. This intermingling of energies lasted only a few seconds, but it gave both beings a very pleasant sexual-like release and energy boost.

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My Father Saw Ghosts

My father was driving in his car on the I-75 expressway in Dallas, when suddenly a co-worker appeared next to him in the passenger seat. My father said he looked like a flesh and blood live person, but there was no way he could have transported himself into a moving car that was traveling 60 miles per hour down the highway. My father was startled and could barely keep the car from hitting the guard rail.

His co-worker looked at him solemnly and said, “Go help Momma.”   Then just as suddenly, he disappeared.

My father instinctively drove to the man’s house, which wasn’t far from the next exit. As he got out of the car and started walking towards the house, the man’s wife opened the front door with a stunned look on her face.

“George just got killed in a car wreck,” she said as she stumbled down the front steps and almost fell down.

“I know,” my father told her. “He just appeared to me in my car and said to come here and see you.”

The sightings that happened in the house where I grew up were the most unsettling to me.  My grandfather had lived in that house until he died of a heart attack in 1963. When my family moved into the house, I was given my grandfather’s old room.

One Sunday evening while we were watching the Ed Sullivan show on a black and white console TV, my father was lying on the sofa enjoying the program. He was holding a glass of water, taking occasional sips, when it suddenly slipped from his hand and fell to the floor. The carpet kept the glass from breaking, but the impact sent the water sloshing up […]

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Life After Death Experiences

In doing research on life after death experiences, I discovered many similarities between the various accounts.  One of the most common experiences involves a tunnel with a bright light,  as well as meeting a being that explains the meaning of life to the individual.  One thing I’ve noticed while reviewing the various accounts is that Christian people who have near-death experiences tend to meet Jesus and see angels.  Muslim people tend to report life after death experiences that involve religious imagery that makes sense to them, such as joining great multitudes of souls waiting on a vast plane for judgment.

For example, Baptist minister Don Piper was involved in a terrible car wreck involving an 18-wheeler where he was crushed inside his car.  The paramedics found him dead and covered him with a tarp.  According to Mr. Piper, he visited heaven, met with dead family members, and joined a heavenly choir that marched through the gates of Heaven.

In another example, pastor Todd Burpo’s four-year-old son, Colton, had an emergency surgery and recovered.  However, Colton began to report a near-death experience that occurred during the surgery where he met a miscarried sister and his great grandfather. He also reported meeting Jesus and listening to angels sing to him.

Betty Eadie was recovering from a surgery when she had a near-death experience where she met angels who told her about past lives she had on earth.  She also reported a dark tunnel and existed into white light where she met Jesus.   Betty also reported going to a “life library” where she could experience anything that had ever happened to anyone who had ever lived.

There are many other stories about near death experiences that have been cataloged for study by the […]

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Proof of Heaven

I listened to Proof of Heaven: A Neurosurgeon’s Journey into the Afterlife by Dr. Eben Alexander and was impressed by the credibility of his story. Dr. Alexander became ill with a sudden case of bacterial meningitis that attacked his brain. According to Dr. Alexander and his attending physicians at the hospital, the disease shut down all brain activity for seven days and left him in a deep coma. During those seven days, Dr. Alexander traveled into what he described as “heaven” where he was met and guided by a young girl. He described flying orbs and a dark void in the sky that pulled him inside. There in the void, he found an immense presence that communicated with him telepathically. The presence revealed much about the workings of the universe and life on earth, including the fact that we live many lifetimes. Dr. Alexander wasn’t sure if the presence in the void was God, or some deeper form of his own true self, or both. When he asked what to call the presence, it said that its name was “Aum.”

In the book, Dr. Alexander tells us about his life where we learn that he was adopted as an infant. Just prior to getting sick, he found his birth parents and learned that he had brothers and sisters. One of his sisters had died, so he never got a chance to meet her.  After he recovered from the illness,  his remaining sister sent a photo of the sister who had died.  Dr. Alexander was amazed to see the picture because he recognized the woman.  It was the girl who had met him in the afterlife and had guided him around.

If you are interested in reading […]

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