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Doc’s Memorial Website

About five years before my first death meditation and my eventual past life memories,  I felt an urge to create a website as a memorial for my uncle Doc Wilson.   I posted online as one of the first websites that I ever built, but at some point when moving web hosting companies and changing out computers,  I lost the files.

Recently, I was digging through some CDs and DVDs with old files, and I found Doc’s website.  I have published it again here.

Click here to view Doc’s site.

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Letters from Doc

I attended a family reunion where I came across some newspaper articles about Doc and several letters that he wrote just before his last mission.

Navigator is Cold to Duty in Aleutians
Lieutenant Nunnery Wilson, navigator on a B-24 bomber up in the Aleutians since last June, makes no bones about it. He doesn’t like life in the far north.
“I haven’t enjoyed it a bit,” he declared. “It’s too far from civilization.”
Lieutenant Wilson landed at Will Rogers field Friday and stayed in the city an hour or two on his way to Washington, Okla., to spend a week’s furlough with his parents, Rev., and Mrs. J.W. Wilson.
Wilson talks in monosyllables, a habit you acquire when your conversation is continually drowned out by the roar of airplanes motors.
“Plenty,” he replied, when asked whether he had seen action. “A little anti-aircraft. Dropped some bombs.”
The closest shave was on one occasion when the bombers flew out over the Bering Sea looking for a Japanese convoy, including battleships, cruisers, destroyers, and transports. They found it.
“We dropped bombs. They shot. It came all around us. I could see it. Heard explosions.”
Did they get shot down? Not Wilson’s plane. Did they sink any Jap ships?
“I’m not saying whether we did or we didn’t.”
Chief worry of the navigator around Alaska said Wilson is the dense fog which usually extends all the way from 1,000 to 25,000 feet. He believes American planes are better equipped to meet northern weather conditions than Japanese planes are.
Wilson will return to the Aleutians September 3. It’s the Army Air Corps idea, not his.

There were three letters from Doc to his brother Orville written in November and December 1942 and January 1943. Doc’s nickname for Orville was “Bud.”

Friday Night […]

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