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Life After Death Experiences

In doing research on life after death experiences, I discovered many similarities between the various accounts.  One of the most common experiences involves a tunnel with a bright light,  as well as meeting a being that explains the meaning of life to the individual.  One thing I’ve noticed while reviewing the various accounts is that Christian people who have near-death experiences tend to meet Jesus and see angels.  Muslim people tend to report life after death experiences that involve religious imagery that makes sense to them, such as joining great multitudes of souls waiting on a vast plane for judgment.

For example, Baptist minister Don Piper was involved in a terrible car wreck involving an 18-wheeler where he was crushed inside his car.  The paramedics found him dead and covered him with a tarp.  According to Mr. Piper, he visited heaven, met with dead family members, and joined a heavenly choir that marched through the gates of Heaven.

In another example, pastor Todd Burpo’s four-year-old son, Colton, had an emergency surgery and recovered.  However, Colton began to report a near-death experience that occurred during the surgery where he met a miscarried sister and his great grandfather. He also reported meeting Jesus and listening to angels sing to him.

Betty Eadie was recovering from a surgery when she had a near-death experience where she met angels who told her about past lives she had on earth.  She also reported a dark tunnel and existed into white light where she met Jesus.   Betty also reported going to a “life library” where she could experience anything that had ever happened to anyone who had ever lived.

There are many other stories about near death experiences that have been cataloged for study by the […]

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Urantia Book

The Urantia Book is an interesting book that jumped out at me from the shelf at a bookstore one day.   It is a thick dictionary-sized book that was over 2,000 pages thick. When I opened the pages and viewed the table of contents, I was amazed by the four parts listed:

Part I: The Central and Superuniverses
Part II: The Local Universe
Part III: The History of Urantia
Part IV: The Life and Teachings of Jesus

I bought the book and tried to read the first part, but it was so complicated I couldn’t make sense of it.  I skipped forward and read Part III about the History of Urantia, which is the book’s name for Earth, and the Part IV about Jesus. I was amazed by the enlightening stories about Adam and Eve and Jesus’s life on earth.  In fact, the stories about Jesus were so much richer and grander than anything I could recall from the bible.

The book described seven dimensions of existence, with life on earth being the first dimension. The spiritual career of an individual was to progress up through these various levels and eventually become one with God on the seventh level.  According to the Urantia Book, Jesus, whose real name is Michael, had already progressed through the various life dimensions to the sixth level.  Along the way, he assumed more and more responsibility,  first taking on a planet just like Adam and Eve, and eventually on the sixth level creating his own physical universe. That physical universe was the one we currently exist within.  But, in order to move from the sixth to the seventh level, to finally become one with the father, Michael had to return to the first level and live a human […]

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