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Who is Dark Energy?

The latest theories in physics and astronomy focus on calculations of the mass of the universe, and the determinations that only six percent or so of that mass is present in matter. That leaves 93% in a mysterious category called dark energy and dark matter.

If you explore the topic of dark energy, you will find it described in many different ways:
• Virtual or potential energy that is used to create matter
• The energy that is responsible for the expansion of space between galaxies
• The source of creation

For what it’s worth, here’s my theory on the nature of dark energy. The dark energy in the universe is you. It is your presence in your self-created version of the universe.

My reason for making this outlandish claim comes from an experience I had during a death meditation that was conducted by a mystic yogi from southern India. This experience has so profoundly affected me, that it has completely changed my outlook on life and its purpose, compelled me to write a book about the experience (Beyond Heaven), and caused me to create this web site dedicated to exploration of life after death experiences.

During my death meditation, I experienced a void that was filled with an array of spherical universes. I have referred to them in other articles on this website as “basketball universes” because that was their approximate size from my perspective within the void. Each universe was a moment of “now” for a particular person. There were basketball universes in the void that were preserving past experiences, as well as probable future experiences. There were even basketball universes for past probable events.

It turns out that my experience of these multiple parallel universes during the death meditation […]

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Is Life a Simulation

There is an interesting discussion group on Yahoo, The Society for Scientific Exploration, where members explore observational evidence for strange claims on the fringe of science.  The group discusses such things as consciousness, placebo effects, free energy, evolution, psychic research, anomalous aerial phenomenon (UFOs), cryptozoology, and apparitions.

In one recent exchange, the members discussed the idea of consciousness being primary and that we are living in a virtual reality.  The discussion included the concept of a subtle body and how it interacts with the physical body.   This is a topic where I have recently posted an article regarding the relationship between the non-physical energy body and the physical body here on the Life After Death Experiences website.  It was based on a question I asked the mystic about how these two bodies interact.

The discussion on the Society of Scientific Exploration board examined the idea that neurophysiologists say that the physical universe exists for each individual only hypothetically because we can only indirectly experience it through neural simulations.   According to this theory, the physical reality is a simulation of the real physical universe as interpreted by the human brain.  To say it another way, we live in a virtual reality, and there is no way that human beings can directly experience the physical world.

The popular movie, “The Matrix” explored this concept of physical reality as a computer program, where our true existence consisted of life within test tubes designed as batteries for a master computer that ran the life program.

There are a variety of theories that are surprisingly close to the concepts presented in “The Matrix.”   A recent episode on the PBS series, NOVA, “The Fabric of Space,” discussed the idea of the universe existing as […]

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The Source of the Energy Body

I recently asked the mystic the following question:  “How does the non-physical energy body interact with the physical body to produce health and vitality, and what is it that controls the energy body?”

He answered first focusing on the word “interact.”    He said, “interaction implies these two are separate, and they have to interact with each other.  That’s not really so.  One has grown out of the other. You cannot separate the root and the rest of the tree.  How does the root interact with the branches, the leaves, flowers, and fruits?   They happen together. If you cut down the tree without uprooting it, you know that the tree can sprout back. Similarly, this is the relationship between the energy body and the physical body.  The energy body is the root and the physical body is a just a manifestation.”

The mystic went on to explain that there is a phenomenal amount of intelligence and activity in the every cell in our bodies, even a single molecule of DNA.  So if this physical body manifests in such a majestic way, just imagine the level of intelligence and sophistication of the energy body.   Not all of the energy body manifests in the physical.  The energy body is not just about growing a physical body.  It is about the flower and fruit.   The human being has to flower and find his fruition.  The energy body is of a much higher capability with much more immense possibilities.

What manages the energy body?  The mystic said that is like asking what is it that manages the universe?  Because the context is the same.  It is only the size of the component that is different.

“It is the same emptiness, the same nothingness […]

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The Nature of Energy

One of the best explanations of the nature of energy is in the book, “Demystifying the Out-of-Body Experience” by Luis Minero.  The explanation starts with the idea that we have layers of bodies: a physical body, an energy body, and an astral body.  The energy body is what links the physical body to the astral body.  The astral body is the body we can use for out-of-body experiences, near-death experiences, and as a transition body after death.  The energy in the energy body is non-physical in nature, and it serves to vitalize the physical body and essentially gives us life energy.

Energy is classically defined as the “potential to do work.”   That word “potential” is interesting because it can imply something that does not yet exist.  The energy used in our energy body is non-physical in nature, yet it maintains life in our physical body.   Consciousness is also non-physical,  so it makes sense to conclude that life energy is a projection of consciousness into the physical reality.

In Luis Minero’s book,  he refers to life energy as “bioenergy.”   He classifies bioenergy into two categories: immanent energy and consciential energy.  Immanent energy is the energy that comes from nature, such as water energy,  gravity,  magnetism, and electricity.  It is unprocessed and contains no perceivable information.  Consciential energy is the energy that consciousness uses to manifest.  It contains information.

A “thosene” is a unit of consciousness manifestation and is composed of thoughts, sentiments, and energy.   Consciousness does not manifest without this combination of three things.  As an example, there are no thoughts without sentiments or energy.  Minero says that intellectual energy is more balanced and subtle, while emotional energy is denser and less stable.   Thosenes can accumulate in a particular […]

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Consciousness and Light

In a video on YouTube, Peter Russell reviews the various theories on the nature of consciousness and how they evolved over the centuries.

In the video, Peter builds a case for an objective universe paradigm, where consciousness is the source of everything. This is opposed to a subjective universe paradigm that insists there is a “real” physical world that exists regardless of whether consciousness is present.  Even though I had read that the scientist Stephen Hawkin had proposed an objective universe theory, this was the first time I had heard the theory explained. It fit nicely with the experiences I had regarding creating your own basketball universe.

Peter explained that consciousness is a big mystery to scientists.  We understand how parts of the brain are involved in various thoughts and feelings, but we don’t understand how consciousness interacts with the physical body.   We know that we are conscious, but consciousness appears to be non-physical in nature.

Peter theorized that time, space, and matter are different fluctuations in a consciousness field. One analogy for this would be a movie projector.  Light from the projector bulb shines through a film, which filters the light in different ways, which in turn projects images on the screen.  When we watch a movie, we can get very involved in the experience, so much so that we think it is real. However, it is filtered light that appears as a simulated reality.  In the analogy, pure consciousness is like the light from the projector bulb, while different fluctuations in the energy field act the light-filtering action of the film.  The result is a physical reality with time, space, and matter.

Peter built upon this analogy by discussing the nature of light itself. Light does […]

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