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Spiritual Gravity

I came across the term “spiritual gravity” years ago when reading random pages from the Urantia Book.   Spiritual gravity was described as divine energy that emanated from the spirit world and was essentially the base energy in the physical universe that held the universe together.   I remember reading a passage in the Urantia Book that said that scientists would someday discover how spiritual gravity functioned in the physical realms.  To me, this discovery seems to be a key step in unlocking the mysteries of how the physical manifests out of the non-physical.

If you are interested in researching the various discussions of spiritual gravity in the Urantia Book, here’s a link to a search page.  Just type in “gravity” as your search term.

From my own experiences during numerous death meditations,  I believe I have witnessed and experienced how spiritual gravity works.   During these meditations, many times I experienced a tornado-bathed-in-light that was located at the center of a galaxy and also at the center of atomic nuclei.  The large light tornados that held galaxies together were the most attractive beings imaginable.  I use the word “beings’ because they seemed to have an intelligence to them.

After experiencing the tornado-bathed-in-light, I later read that scientists have theorized that there is a massive black hole at the center of the Milky Way galaxy.  When you think about it, what else would cause billions of stars in a spiral galaxy to orbit around a central pivot point?

Black holes are theorized to possess an immense gravitational field that is so strong that even light cannot escape.   Scientists theorize that all of this matter is jammed together into a tightly packed mass inside a black hole; however, my experience is that […]

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Does the Universe Loop Back on Itself?

If you search Google for, “Does the Universe Loop Back on Itself,” you will find a lively discussion of articles that focus on the nature of the physical universe.  The idea of a curved physical universe that loops back on itself is a theory many people now espouse.  They see a round spherical universe similar to a balloon with galaxies on the inside of the balloon’s skin.   In a way, it is similar to the revolutionary idea from the 1400’s that the earth was round. Prior to that, most people believed it was flat.   Just as with a round earth, with a spherical universe if you travel long enough in one direction, you’ll end up where you started.

From my own meditative experiences where I saw basketball universes that were stored in what I now know as the Akashic Field, each instance of the universe was round, seemed to be expanding, and had galaxies on its edges.   Adding to this idea of a spherical universe, in my Akashic experience, there seemed to be an infinite number of universes arranged in an array.  Each was an instance of “now” created (or experienced) by an individual human being.   There are several implications to what I witnessed that became apparent to me later.  First, each person is responsible for their “version” of the universe.  Second, each person creates their own version of the universe using a universal pattern of reality.

In the book, “Demystifying the Out-of-Body Experience” by Luis Minero, he explained the concepts of “Thosenes,” “Holothosenes,” and “Morphothosenes.”   While, I’ve written about Luis Minero’s ideas in another article,  to summarize briefly here,  a Thosene is a combination of a thought, energy, and emotion.  Holothosenes are thought clouds that […]

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Black Holes at the Center of Galaxies

I also did some research on the Web about physics and cosmology to see if any of the latest theories could help me verify whether my death meditation experience had been a vision of some unknown reality or just an elaborate daydream. I searched for information about black holes and learned that the concept of a black hole started in the early 1900’s with Einstein’s work on relativity. The theory was that a star like our sun would eventually explode and implode simultaneously in the form of a supernova. The implosion would compact matter so densely, that an intense gravity would result that would even prevent light from escaping. Formulas showed that most of the matter in the original star would be crushed to an infinitely small point.

Later some scientists who were watching the explosion of a supernova discovered what they believe to be the first verifiable black hole after the light of the explosion died away a few years later. Probably the most interesting fact I discovered involved scientists who were studying the orbits of stars at the center of our Milky Way galaxy. The orbits of these stars seemed to pivot around a nothingness that from their calculations had to have a mass of several million stars. They called this phenomena a “super-massive black hole” and they theorized that every galaxy had one at its center. The tornado-bathed-in-light that I had seen during the death meditation had been at the center of a spiral-armed galaxy.

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