Beyond Heaven


Death is a mystery to most people.  How is it possible that you can be alive and thinking one moment, and then suddenly disappear completely?  How can loved ones who’ve lived along side of you leave you to face the world alone?  Is there life in a new dimension after death?  Is there a heaven or a hell?   Do we live just one life on earth, or do we come back repeatedly until we get it right?

I’ve wondered about these questions for most of my adult life, but I did not find any tangible answers until I met a mystic yogi from India who gave me an understanding of what is beyond.  That glimpse came in the form of a guided death meditation that allowed me to experience a completely different dimension of existence that never dies.

In the process, I was given a vision of past lives, which helped explain some of my early childhood behavior as well as my purpose in this life.

In this space between lives, I explored some incredible phenomena that explain how karma works, how probable realities function, and how the essence of our being is a timeless True Self that lives many earthly lives.

I also experienced many scientific phenomena that are currently just theories on the nature of creation.  Looping through the center of a galaxy to the center of an atom, I found that the macro and micro were connected, and that the stars in the sky were really linked to the grains of sand on the beach.  Most of all, I experienced the Void, and I no longer fear it, for it is the source of all that is.

Because this experience so profoundly changed my understanding of the nature of reality and because I was already a technical writer who wrote manuals and textbooks, I naturally began journaling my experiences so that I would remember what happened.  Being able to remember what I experienced during numerous death meditations turned out not to be a problem.  These memories are now part of my “operating system” so to speak, etched into my permanent being.

I chronicled my experiences over a five year period, and the result is the book, “Beyond Heaven.”   It should be available in both paperback and e-book on Amazon and iTunes sometime in 2017.