Here are some photos that I wanted to share that are discussed in Beyond Heaven.  This first one is a scan of the diagram I drew after my first death meditation.  It shows passing through the tornado-bathed-in-light at the center of a galaxy into a void that is filled with an array of basketball universes with lightning bolt like blasts of life energy flowing through the spherical universes.

Epson Img006

 This is a picture of Doc that was taken just after the start of World War II.  Doc was my father’s brother and the subject of many past life memories for me.

Doc in Air Force Uniform

I have never found anything that looks quite like the tornado-bathed-in-light that transported me between dimensions; however, this image below will give you some idea.


Here is a picture of the B-24 Liberator at the Hill Air Force Base Museum, which was one of the planes on Doc’s last mission that crash landed on a remote Alaskan island in 1943.


Here is another closer picture of the nose area of the plane.  This is where Doc road on his last mission.


Here is a picture of me at Doc’s grave.   Doc is still listed as MIA, but his father put up a monument for his son at the cemetery in Purcell, Oklahoma.


Here’s a picture of Jennifer and our mutual friend, Eric.  The psychic that I met told me that Eric and Jennifer were twins in a previous lifetime.

Eric and Jennifer

Here is a picture of Mount Kailash in Tebet



Here is a picture of my father who often saw ghosts and heard Doc’s voice.


Here is a picture of my mother holding Kayla, who I believe is my father reincarnated.


Here is a picture of the mystic at Lake Manasarovar in Tibet where the “aliens” come and go each evening at 2:30 AM.