I came across the term “spiritual gravity” years ago when reading random pages from the Urantia Book.   Spiritual gravity was described as divine energy that emanated from the spirit world and was essentially the base energy in the physical universe that held the universe together.   I remember reading a passage in the Urantia Book that said that scientists would someday discover how spiritual gravity functioned in the physical realms.  To me, this discovery seems to be a key step in unlocking the mysteries of how the physical manifests out of the non-physical.

If you are interested in researching the various discussions of spiritual gravity in the Urantia Book, here’s a link to a search page.  Just type in “gravity” as your search term.


From my own experiences during numerous death meditations,  I believe I have witnessed and experienced how spiritual gravity works.   During these meditations, many times I experienced a tornado-bathed-in-light that was located at the center of a galaxy and also at the center of atomic nuclei.  The large light tornados that held galaxies together were the most attractive beings imaginable.  I use the word “beings’ because they seemed to have an intelligence to them.

After experiencing the tornado-bathed-in-light, I later read that scientists have theorized that there is a massive black hole at the center of the Milky Way galaxy.  When you think about it, what else would cause billions of stars in a spiral galaxy to orbit around a central pivot point?

Black holes are theorized to possess an immense gravitational field that is so strong that even light cannot escape.   Scientists theorize that all of this matter is jammed together into a tightly packed mass inside a black hole; however, my experience is that a tornado-bathed-in-light / black hole is a passageway.  It is a great recycler, pulling matter and every other conceivable type of energy (including thoughts and emotions) into the un-manifested nothingness.

On the flip side, I also experienced smaller versions of these tornadoes-bathed-in-light at the center of an atomic nucleus.  In other words, the light tornado was responsible for holding atoms together.

In both examples,  I believe that the large and small tornadoes-bathed-in-light are the source of gravity that allows the physical universe to manifest out of the non-physical and at the same time holds every form of matter together.  I also believe that the Urantia Book’s definition of gravity as “spiritual gravity” is exactly the right way to describe it.  Consciousness is involved in the process.  The vibrating energy that underlies our realty is organized by our consciousness into various structures large and small that give us a physical place to live out our lives.  The tornadoes-bathed-in-light are fragments of our consciousness that are put to work to create our consensual realty.  And gravity is the glue that holds our reality to together.