I ran across a couple of videos on YouTube that I wanted to share because both of them represent reincarnation experiences to me.  The first is a video of 9-year old Amira Willighagen auditioning for Holland’s Got Talent.  When she starts singing,  you can almost instantly tell that this is a talent carried over from a previous lifetime.  In fact, the judges even comment that they are witnessing an “old soul” returned.   There is a video on YouTube that compares Amira to the famous opera singer Maria Callas who died in 1977. 

The second video may not be so apparent, as it involves a famous young singer, Taylor Swift.  When I was watching this video,  a “knowing” swept over me, and I could hear a voice saying, “That’s Patsy Cline.”    Patsy was killed in a plane crash in 1963.   I did some research on Taylor Swift and discovered that she was “compelled” at a very young age to be a singer-songwriter and desparately wanted to get to Nashville to get started.   Feels a lot like Patsy took over a new young body and couldn’t wait to get back to what she had been doing before her untimely death.