I also did some research on the Web about physics and cosmology to see if any of the latest theories could help me verify whether my death meditation experience had been a vision of some unknown reality or just an elaborate daydream. I searched for information about black holes and learned that the concept of a black hole started in the early 1900’s with Einstein’s work on relativity. The theory was that a star like our sun would eventually explode and implode simultaneously in the form of a supernova. The implosion would compact matter so densely, that an intense gravity would result that would even prevent light from escaping. Formulas showed that most of the matter in the original star would be crushed to an infinitely small point.

Later some scientists who were watching the explosion of a supernova discovered what they believe to be the first verifiable black hole after the light of the explosion died away a few years later. Probably the most interesting fact I discovered involved scientists who were studying the orbits of stars at the center of our Milky Way galaxy. The orbits of these stars seemed to pivot around a nothingness that from their calculations had to have a mass of several million stars. They called this phenomena a “super-massive black hole” and they theorized that every galaxy had one at its center. The tornado-bathed-in-light that I had seen during the death meditation had been at the center of a spiral-armed galaxy.