I died on Tuesday in a parallel universe. Since many scientists are now espousing the concept of multiverses where every possibility occurs, then the theory should probably conclude that all of us died last Tuesday.

In my case, I felt my parallel universe death rippling across the various dimensions so that I felt something in this universe where I appear to be living this particular continuity of existence and am occasionally maintaining this website.

Last Tuesday, I arrived at work early, and as I was entering the building, I was thinking about my plans for the day. I thought about putting off my morning yoga practice to the afternoon, when I heard this voice in my head (which I’ve come to believe is the voice of the True Self) say, “don’t put it off…you might not be here this afternoon. This could be your last day on earth.”

I went ahead and did my yoga practice in a vacant conference room, and then went about a normal mundane day, thinking a lot about what the voice had said. If this was my last day to be alive, there was nothing I could do to make it special. I was stuck at work. However, I decided to consider the experience a “today you will die” meditation. I strongly recommend it for everyone, because it gives you a completely different perspective regardless of what you are doing throughout the day. In my case, I made purposeful eye contact with everyone I met in the halls, and almost everyone looked back and shared a bit of energy with me.

I made it through the end of my work day and started my commute home. I was especially attentive to the traffic, […]