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Multiverse Theories

In reading “Our Mathematical Universe” by Max Tegmark,  I came across the Multiverse hypothesis in physics,  which is a set of infinite universes that are predicted to exist because of the expansion of the universe along with the concepts of limitless space and limitless matter.   Another more common term for this would be “parallel universes.”

The experiences that I’ve written about on this Life After Death Experiences website plus in my book, Beyond Heaven,  have provided me with a unique insight into the multiverse theory.   My near-death-like experiences during the various guided death meditations have given me a glimpse into what I believe is commonly called the Akashic Record,  but could also fit nicely with the physics theory of multiverses.   I experienced a vast array of universes, which I’ve called in my writings, “Basketball Universes,”  because that appeared to be their size when I viewed them from the void outside of space-time.  They had fuzzy non-distinct edges,  seemed to be ever-expanding,  and when you examined them closely, you could see galaxies on their edges.   Each basketball universe was a moment of now created by a particular human being using a “pattern” of reality. I am now calling that pattern a morphothosene,  which is a term I first came across in Luis Minero’s book,  “Demystifying the Out-of-Body Experience.”    A morphothosene is a thought-cloud of realty created and shared by living beings.   In other words, the particles of energy that make up the physical world, form together to create our universe based on consciousness – desire combined with non-physical energy.

If you Google the word “multiverse” and then search for images, you will see countless examples of what I saw in my death meditation experiences.   It is exciting […]

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Is Life a Simulation

There is an interesting discussion group on Yahoo, The Society for Scientific Exploration, where members explore observational evidence for strange claims on the fringe of science.  The group discusses such things as consciousness, placebo effects, free energy, evolution, psychic research, anomalous aerial phenomenon (UFOs), cryptozoology, and apparitions.

In one recent exchange, the members discussed the idea of consciousness being primary and that we are living in a virtual reality.  The discussion included the concept of a subtle body and how it interacts with the physical body.   This is a topic where I have recently posted an article regarding the relationship between the non-physical energy body and the physical body here on the Life After Death Experiences website.  It was based on a question I asked the mystic about how these two bodies interact.

The discussion on the Society of Scientific Exploration board examined the idea that neurophysiologists say that the physical universe exists for each individual only hypothetically because we can only indirectly experience it through neural simulations.   According to this theory, the physical reality is a simulation of the real physical universe as interpreted by the human brain.  To say it another way, we live in a virtual reality, and there is no way that human beings can directly experience the physical world.

The popular movie, “The Matrix” explored this concept of physical reality as a computer program, where our true existence consisted of life within test tubes designed as batteries for a master computer that ran the life program.

There are a variety of theories that are surprisingly close to the concepts presented in “The Matrix.”   A recent episode on the PBS series, NOVA, “The Fabric of Space,” discussed the idea of the universe existing as […]

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