A small ashram was started in the mountains in 2006, and our first building on the property was a used double-wide trailer.  A few people moved in and began to live at the ashram full time.  These people were the pioneers.

After we had been there a few months, stories began to circulate among the full time residents about paranormal occurrences.  Several people reported being awakened in the middle of the night to hear someone whistling outside the trailer.  The whistling sound moved around the trailer several times. One guy jumped up and ran outside quickly to see if he could catch someone. There was no one there, but he could hear the sound moving off into the deep forest.

Another time, a husband and wife who lived there full time were alone in the trailer, and decided to go into town for supplies. They went out to their car, but the woman forgot something and ran back to the trailer. When she approached the door, she could hear someone playing the guitar. She was surprised, because she thought they were alone on the property. When she opened the door, the guitar playing stopped, but she could hear the strings still resonating.  She called to see if anyone was inside, but there was no answer.

One night, one of the women heard someone crying outside and opened the door to find another full time resident sobbing and disoriented.  It was one of the biggest toughest guys who normally worked all day with a chainsaw clearing trails. He was shaking, crying, and stumbling around in the grass.

“What’s wrong?” asked the woman.

“There’s something out here,” said the man stammering. “There’s something out here.”

One night when I was sleeping on […]