The latest theories in physics and astronomy focus on calculations of the mass of the universe, and the determinations that only six percent or so of that mass is present in matter. That leaves 93% in a mysterious category called dark energy and dark matter.

If you explore the topic of dark energy, you will find it described in many different ways:
• Virtual or potential energy that is used to create matter
• The energy that is responsible for the expansion of space between galaxies
• The source of creation

For what it’s worth, here’s my theory on the nature of dark energy. The dark energy in the universe is you. It is your presence in your self-created version of the universe.

My reason for making this outlandish claim comes from an experience I had during a death meditation that was conducted by a mystic yogi from southern India. This experience has so profoundly affected me, that it has completely changed my outlook on life and its purpose, compelled me to write a book about the experience (Beyond Heaven), and caused me to create this web site dedicated to exploration of life after death experiences.

During my death meditation, I experienced a void that was filled with an array of spherical universes. I have referred to them in other articles on this website as “basketball universes” because that was their approximate size from my perspective within the void. Each universe was a moment of “now” for a particular person. There were basketball universes in the void that were preserving past experiences, as well as probable future experiences. There were even basketball universes for past probable events.

It turns out that my experience of these multiple parallel universes during the death meditation […]