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Collapsing the Wave Function

Collapsing the wave function is a term that scientists use to describe the phenomena where waves of energy collapse to form a particle when they are observed or measured in an experiment.  “Collapse” is the word that science uses to explain this theory,  but another way to describe it would be to say that waves of energy “appear” as a particle when they are observed or measured.   This concept is at the root of how science currently believes that the physical universe is formed.   For example,  the atomic structure that we studied in high school of a nucleus being orbited by electrons,  similar to the sun being orbited by planets,  it not at all the way scientists currently view these tiny forms.  Instead of tiny particles,  the electrons exist as probability waves of energy.   When an individual electron is involved in an experiment, such as when it collides with another particle in an accelerator,  only then does the electron collapse its wave function and appear as a particle.  Until then, it was a probability wave.

Think about that for a moment: probability wave.   The word “probability” implies that something might exist or has a chance to exist.   So in other words,  these dancing fields of energy waves are not real unless some future event occurs.

One theory is that human beings are responsible for the wave function collapse.   In the book, “Biocentrism,”  author Dr. Robert Lanza  proposes the idea that the physical universe doesn’t exist without life.  There is no collapse of the wave function without living being.   The future event that causes a wave of energy to move from “probable” to “actual” is some type of interaction with a living being.

From my own experiences,  I believe this concept […]

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Consensual Reality and Waves

During a deep-dive 10-day meditation, I came to the realization that each of us is creating our own reality using some type of pattern, much the same way DNA creates life from a pattern of proteins.  I had already experienced the basketball universes that filled the Akasha with preserved and probable versions of “now moments” for each person, and the realization that we created these universes ourselves should have been apparent to me earlier.   When it came to me during the 10-day meditation, I did not have a better word than “pattern” for the mechanism that allows us to create a shared reality.

One thought experiment involved painting your room.  If you paint your room blue and no one knows about it, how is it that when a friend comes over and visits the room, they see a blue room?  The idea is that if you know your room is blue, you have contributed something to the reality pattern.

In Max Tegmark’s book, “Our Mathematical Universe,” he called this pattern a “consensual reality.”  I think that is a great way to describe it, as we each give our consent to create this shared reality, we all contribute towards the details of existence, and we pass information about it to one another.

The idea of sharing information in the consensual reality is something I wanted to write about in this article.   Various scientific theories now focus on the idea of non-locality – the idea in physics that a particle can be in two places at the same time, and that when something happens to one particle, the other seems to know about it at a speed faster than the speed of light.  Some of the theories discussed by […]

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