My friend, Norm Farb, provided this outline on Kurt Leland’s book, The Multidimensional Human.


Details the origins of the book, and provides a synopsis

Recounts how I spent a year on an Internet forum on astral projection, lucid dreams, and out-of-body experiences (OBEs), answering members’ questions, learning what people interested in astral projection are reading, the techniques that do or don’t work for them, the places they get stuck

Tells how, through this forum, I became aware of enormously valuable, but mostly forgotten, theosophical material on astral projection published a century or more ago

Explains how exposure to this material has greatly accelerated my development as a projector and why I want to pass on what I’ve learned from it about becoming multidimensional humans

Part I. Discovering Your Multidimensionality

Explains what it means to be multidimensional humans: how we exist on a variety of planes beyond the physical; we’re mostly unaware of these planes; psychic development and astral projection allows us to explore them

Points out that, though some of us are familiar with the astral plane, through reading or direct experience, there are many planes beyond it

Reveals that each of these planes is more challenging, yet more rewarding to explore than the last, in terms of range of perception, understanding, opportunities to learn and grow, contact with highly evolved nonphysical beings, and ecstatic spiritual bliss

Indicates that pursuing psychic development and astral projection as a spiritual practice allows us to access these planes, climbing them like a ladder until we reach one of our developmental goals as human beings: the ultimate bliss of oneness with the Source of all being

Chapter 1. Invisible Helpers Class

Recounts a recent adventure in nonphysical reality, an invisible helpers class, in which I learned to swoop down […]