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Hallucination or Near-Death Experience

After going through my first death meditation, I wondered whether the experience was a hallucination. I don’t recall ever having anything that elaborate happen in a daydream.  And my normal sleeping dreams are never that organized.  I felt like I had been hypnotized into a near-death experience.

Someone asked the mystic about their personal experience during the death meditation wanting to know the same thing.  The mystic then explained the difference between a realization and a hallucination. “If it was a realization, then awareness will spread throughout your life,” he said. “But, if in your physical reality you become more and more senseless because of what you’ve seen, then it was clearly a hallucination.” He went on to say that people who try to see something during a meditation, will often have hallucinations.  I don’t recall having any expectations before the death meditation. I went into the process completely open and had no idea what to expect.

I can say that as a result of the process, my awareness did change. For several days after the process, I began to sense a small tornado-bathed-in-light inside of people with whom I came in contact. There was nothing visible that my eyes could actually see, but I seemed to intuitively sense the spinning light vortex that stretched from their throats down to their stomachs.  It may have just been my imagination, but when I first noticed it, it startled me.  I began to believe that this vortex as the divinity within us all, a passage between the physical universe and the non-physical.

The evening after the death meditation process, I sketched out some notes and a diagram, so that I would remember what I had seen. There were about ten […]

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Online Meditation

There is a guided online meditation you can try for free called “Isha Kriya.”  It is recommended that you do this meditation practice at least once a day for 40 days.  After you have watched it online a few times, you’ll be able to do it yourself without having to be guided.  It is a nice, calming meditation that anyone can do while sitting in a chair.

To access the meditation, click here.

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