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Life After Death Experiences

In doing research on life after death experiences, I discovered many similarities between the various accounts.  One of the most common experiences involves a tunnel with a bright light,  as well as meeting a being that explains the meaning of life to the individual.  One thing I’ve noticed while reviewing the various accounts is that Christian people who have near-death experiences tend to meet Jesus and see angels.  Muslim people tend to report life after death experiences that involve religious imagery that makes sense to them, such as joining great multitudes of souls waiting on a vast plane for judgment.

For example, Baptist minister Don Piper was involved in a terrible car wreck involving an 18-wheeler where he was crushed inside his car.  The paramedics found him dead and covered him with a tarp.  According to Mr. Piper, he visited heaven, met with dead family members, and joined a heavenly choir that marched through the gates of Heaven.

In another example, pastor Todd Burpo’s four-year-old son, Colton, had an emergency surgery and recovered.  However, Colton began to report a near-death experience that occurred during the surgery where he met a miscarried sister and his great grandfather. He also reported meeting Jesus and listening to angels sing to him.

Betty Eadie was recovering from a surgery when she had a near-death experience where she met angels who told her about past lives she had on earth.  She also reported a dark tunnel and existed into white light where she met Jesus.   Betty also reported going to a “life library” where she could experience anything that had ever happened to anyone who had ever lived.

There are many other stories about near death experiences that have been cataloged for study by the […]

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What is the Temperature in Heaven

Does anyone know what the temperature is like in heaven?
If you were preparing for a trip there, what would you bring?
As you sort through your wardrobe of memories,
What would you pack?

Obviously heaven is cooler than hell,
But is it a cold weather climate or warm?
And how much baggage are you allowed to bring?
When taking a trip to infinity, it’s important to pack smart.

Sorting through the dusty part of your wardrobe of memories,
You pack your baby clothes along with that odd looking shirt you wore to first grade.
You grab everything you can from growing up through your teenage years…
That monstrosity you wore on your first date…
The unmentionable item you were wearing under your graduation gown.

Your wardrobe of memories is organized like a timeline…
The earliest stuff on the left
The most recent on the right.
You grab great handfuls of memories and pack them away.

When the wardrobe is empty,
You look out at the vast collection of luggage this life has created,
Wondering if you properly tagged each one with your name and address.
Lost bags on this trip are rarely returned.

The road to heaven leads down to a wide river.
You arrive with a cart overflowing with luggage,
Only to discover an old man waiting to take you across
In the smallest rowboat you’ve ever seen.

He looks at your cart full of memories and shakes his head in disbelief.
“There’s no room for all that,” he scolds.
So, you hurriedly sort through your bags and reduce your essentials,
Down to two large rolling suitcases.

But, when you try to step out onto the dock,
The old man shakes his head once again.
“There’s no room for […]

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