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Proof of Heaven

I listened to Proof of Heaven: A Neurosurgeon’s Journey into the Afterlife by Dr. Eben Alexander and was impressed by the credibility of his story. Dr. Alexander became ill with a sudden case of bacterial meningitis that attacked his brain. According to Dr. Alexander and his attending physicians at the hospital, the disease shut down all brain activity for seven days and left him in a deep coma. During those seven days, Dr. Alexander traveled into what he described as “heaven” where he was met and guided by a young girl. He described flying orbs and a dark void in the sky that pulled him inside. There in the void, he found an immense presence that communicated with him telepathically. The presence revealed much about the workings of the universe and life on earth, including the fact that we live many lifetimes. Dr. Alexander wasn’t sure if the presence in the void was God, or some deeper form of his own true self, or both. When he asked what to call the presence, it said that its name was “Aum.”

In the book, Dr. Alexander tells us about his life where we learn that he was adopted as an infant. Just prior to getting sick, he found his birth parents and learned that he had brothers and sisters. One of his sisters had died, so he never got a chance to meet her.  After he recovered from the illness,  his remaining sister sent a photo of the sister who had died.  Dr. Alexander was amazed to see the picture because he recognized the woman.  It was the girl who had met him in the afterlife and had guided him around.

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Old Soul Singers

I ran across a couple of videos on YouTube that I wanted to share because both of them represent reincarnation experiences to me.  The first is a video of 9-year old Amira Willighagen auditioning for Holland’s Got Talent.  When she starts singing,  you can almost instantly tell that this is a talent carried over from a previous lifetime.  In fact, the judges even comment that they are witnessing an “old soul” returned.   There is a video on YouTube that compares Amira to the famous opera singer Maria Callas who died in 1977. 

The second video may not be so apparent, as it involves a famous young singer, Taylor Swift.  When I was watching this video,  a “knowing” swept over me, and I could hear a voice saying, “That’s Patsy Cline.”    Patsy was killed in a plane crash in 1963.   I did some research on Taylor Swift and discovered that she was “compelled” at a very young age to be a singer-songwriter and desparately wanted to get to Nashville to get started.   Feels a lot like Patsy took over a new young body and couldn’t wait to get back to what she had been doing before her untimely death.

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Soul Survivor – Reincarnation Story

Soul Survivor is story of a young boy who had terrifying nightmares of dying in a plane crash.  His parents eventually figured out that what the boy was experiencing were the last moments of a World War II fighter pilot who was shot down while flying an F4-U Corsair fighter plane.  Eventually, the boy was able to identify the plane, the aircraft carrier that he taken off from, as well as some of his fellow pilots.

This story was interesting to me because of the past-life experiences I’ve had during meditation processes of flying in the nose of a B-24 bomber over a remote Alaskan island chain in World War II.  During those meditations, I experienced the last flight of my uncle, Doc, who is still listed as missing-in-action.

One of my favorite parts of the book Soul Survivor was when the boy was reunited with one of this friends from this past life.  His friend had also flown fighter planes off the same aircraft carrier, but was now in his 80’s.   After the older man got over his surprise, he and boy struck up a conversation where they relived old times.

Reincarnation is an interesting topic, because it gives us a glimpse of how life after death experiences play out.  In so many cases,  we find stories of how human beings live multiple lives on earth as part of an evolutionary process of spiritual development.

I believe that Soul Survivor is a very credible story of reincarnation, and I recommend it to anyone interested in the subject.   It is available as paperback, e-book, and as an audio book.  I listened to the audio book version.

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Doc’s Last Bombing Mission

It was January 18, 1943 and their mission was to bomb the harbor of Kiska Island. Earlier in the day, a weather reconnaissance plane had spotted two Japanese ships in the harbor. The bombing mission consisted of six B-24 bombers, four B-26 bombers, and six P-38 Lightning fighters.

Alaska’s Aleutian Islands had become a hot spot in World War II, when the Japanese invaded two islands at the far end of the island chain; Kiska and Attu. While not known at the time, the invasion was a diversionary attack by the Japanese to take attention off their main attack planned for Midway Island.

Four months after the bombing of Pearl Harbor in Hawaii, the Americans had launched a daring raid to bomb Tokyo using a dozen or more two-engine B-25 bombers flown from an aircraft carrier. This famous bombing mission was known as the “Doolittle Raid,” named after the commander of the raid, Lt. Colonel Jimmy Doolittle. When the Japanese encountered the normally land-based B-25 bombers flying over their capital city just four months after Pearl Harbor, they were convinced that the Americans had launched them from bases on either Midway Island or the Aleutians. Therefore, to protect their homeland, they decided to invade both to create a buffer zone.

For the Americans, even though Alaska was officially still a territory and not a state, the invasion of Kiska and Attu in the Aleutians was considered an invasion of North America and the American homeland. Thus, a vigorous defense was devised that involved stationing the 11th Air Force in the Aleutians and training an amphibious invasion force to retake the islands.

The flight from Adak […]

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