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Life After Death Experiences

In doing research on life after death experiences, I discovered many similarities between the various accounts.  One of the most common experiences involves a tunnel with a bright light,  as well as meeting a being that explains the meaning of life to the individual.  One thing I’ve noticed while reviewing the various accounts is that Christian people who have near-death experiences tend to meet Jesus and see angels.  Muslim people tend to report life after death experiences that involve religious imagery that makes sense to them, such as joining great multitudes of souls waiting on a vast plane for judgment.

For example, Baptist minister Don Piper was involved in a terrible car wreck involving an 18-wheeler where he was crushed inside his car.  The paramedics found him dead and covered him with a tarp.  According to Mr. Piper, he visited heaven, met with dead family members, and joined a heavenly choir that marched through the gates of Heaven.

In another example, pastor Todd Burpo’s four-year-old son, Colton, had an emergency surgery and recovered.  However, Colton began to report a near-death experience that occurred during the surgery where he met a miscarried sister and his great grandfather. He also reported meeting Jesus and listening to angels sing to him.

Betty Eadie was recovering from a surgery when she had a near-death experience where she met angels who told her about past lives she had on earth.  She also reported a dark tunnel and existed into white light where she met Jesus.   Betty also reported going to a “life library” where she could experience anything that had ever happened to anyone who had ever lived.

There are many other stories about near death experiences that have been cataloged for study by the […]

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Who is Dark Energy?

The latest theories in physics and astronomy focus on calculations of the mass of the universe, and the determinations that only six percent or so of that mass is present in matter. That leaves 93% in a mysterious category called dark energy and dark matter.

If you explore the topic of dark energy, you will find it described in many different ways:
• Virtual or potential energy that is used to create matter
• The energy that is responsible for the expansion of space between galaxies
• The source of creation

For what it’s worth, here’s my theory on the nature of dark energy. The dark energy in the universe is you. It is your presence in your self-created version of the universe.

My reason for making this outlandish claim comes from an experience I had during a death meditation that was conducted by a mystic yogi from southern India. This experience has so profoundly affected me, that it has completely changed my outlook on life and its purpose, compelled me to write a book about the experience (Beyond Heaven), and caused me to create this web site dedicated to exploration of life after death experiences.

During my death meditation, I experienced a void that was filled with an array of spherical universes. I have referred to them in other articles on this website as “basketball universes” because that was their approximate size from my perspective within the void. Each universe was a moment of “now” for a particular person. There were basketball universes in the void that were preserving past experiences, as well as probable future experiences. There were even basketball universes for past probable events.

It turns out that my experience of these multiple parallel universes during the death meditation […]

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Consensual Reality and Waves

During a deep-dive 10-day meditation, I came to the realization that each of us is creating our own reality using some type of pattern, much the same way DNA creates life from a pattern of proteins.  I had already experienced the basketball universes that filled the Akasha with preserved and probable versions of “now moments” for each person, and the realization that we created these universes ourselves should have been apparent to me earlier.   When it came to me during the 10-day meditation, I did not have a better word than “pattern” for the mechanism that allows us to create a shared reality.

One thought experiment involved painting your room.  If you paint your room blue and no one knows about it, how is it that when a friend comes over and visits the room, they see a blue room?  The idea is that if you know your room is blue, you have contributed something to the reality pattern.

In Max Tegmark’s book, “Our Mathematical Universe,” he called this pattern a “consensual reality.”  I think that is a great way to describe it, as we each give our consent to create this shared reality, we all contribute towards the details of existence, and we pass information about it to one another.

The idea of sharing information in the consensual reality is something I wanted to write about in this article.   Various scientific theories now focus on the idea of non-locality – the idea in physics that a particle can be in two places at the same time, and that when something happens to one particle, the other seems to know about it at a speed faster than the speed of light.  Some of the theories discussed by […]

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Doc’s Memorial Website

About five years before my first death meditation and my eventual past life memories,  I felt an urge to create a website as a memorial for my uncle Doc Wilson.   I posted online as one of the first websites that I ever built, but at some point when moving web hosting companies and changing out computers,  I lost the files.

Recently, I was digging through some CDs and DVDs with old files, and I found Doc’s website.  I have published it again here.

Click here to view Doc’s site.

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Spiritual Gravity

I came across the term “spiritual gravity” years ago when reading random pages from the Urantia Book.   Spiritual gravity was described as divine energy that emanated from the spirit world and was essentially the base energy in the physical universe that held the universe together.   I remember reading a passage in the Urantia Book that said that scientists would someday discover how spiritual gravity functioned in the physical realms.  To me, this discovery seems to be a key step in unlocking the mysteries of how the physical manifests out of the non-physical.

If you are interested in researching the various discussions of spiritual gravity in the Urantia Book, here’s a link to a search page.  Just type in “gravity” as your search term.

From my own experiences during numerous death meditations,  I believe I have witnessed and experienced how spiritual gravity works.   During these meditations, many times I experienced a tornado-bathed-in-light that was located at the center of a galaxy and also at the center of atomic nuclei.  The large light tornados that held galaxies together were the most attractive beings imaginable.  I use the word “beings’ because they seemed to have an intelligence to them.

After experiencing the tornado-bathed-in-light, I later read that scientists have theorized that there is a massive black hole at the center of the Milky Way galaxy.  When you think about it, what else would cause billions of stars in a spiral galaxy to orbit around a central pivot point?

Black holes are theorized to possess an immense gravitational field that is so strong that even light cannot escape.   Scientists theorize that all of this matter is jammed together into a tightly packed mass inside a black hole; however, my experience is that […]

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Multiverse Theories

In reading “Our Mathematical Universe” by Max Tegmark,  I came across the Multiverse hypothesis in physics,  which is a set of infinite universes that are predicted to exist because of the expansion of the universe along with the concepts of limitless space and limitless matter.   Another more common term for this would be “parallel universes.”

The experiences that I’ve written about on this Life After Death Experiences website plus in my book, Beyond Heaven,  have provided me with a unique insight into the multiverse theory.   My near-death-like experiences during the various guided death meditations have given me a glimpse into what I believe is commonly called the Akashic Record,  but could also fit nicely with the physics theory of multiverses.   I experienced a vast array of universes, which I’ve called in my writings, “Basketball Universes,”  because that appeared to be their size when I viewed them from the void outside of space-time.  They had fuzzy non-distinct edges,  seemed to be ever-expanding,  and when you examined them closely, you could see galaxies on their edges.   Each basketball universe was a moment of now created by a particular human being using a “pattern” of reality. I am now calling that pattern a morphothosene,  which is a term I first came across in Luis Minero’s book,  “Demystifying the Out-of-Body Experience.”    A morphothosene is a thought-cloud of realty created and shared by living beings.   In other words, the particles of energy that make up the physical world, form together to create our universe based on consciousness – desire combined with non-physical energy.

If you Google the word “multiverse” and then search for images, you will see countless examples of what I saw in my death meditation experiences.   It is exciting […]

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Is Life a Simulation

There is an interesting discussion group on Yahoo, The Society for Scientific Exploration, where members explore observational evidence for strange claims on the fringe of science.  The group discusses such things as consciousness, placebo effects, free energy, evolution, psychic research, anomalous aerial phenomenon (UFOs), cryptozoology, and apparitions.

In one recent exchange, the members discussed the idea of consciousness being primary and that we are living in a virtual reality.  The discussion included the concept of a subtle body and how it interacts with the physical body.   This is a topic where I have recently posted an article regarding the relationship between the non-physical energy body and the physical body here on the Life After Death Experiences website.  It was based on a question I asked the mystic about how these two bodies interact.

The discussion on the Society of Scientific Exploration board examined the idea that neurophysiologists say that the physical universe exists for each individual only hypothetically because we can only indirectly experience it through neural simulations.   According to this theory, the physical reality is a simulation of the real physical universe as interpreted by the human brain.  To say it another way, we live in a virtual reality, and there is no way that human beings can directly experience the physical world.

The popular movie, “The Matrix” explored this concept of physical reality as a computer program, where our true existence consisted of life within test tubes designed as batteries for a master computer that ran the life program.

There are a variety of theories that are surprisingly close to the concepts presented in “The Matrix.”   A recent episode on the PBS series, NOVA, “The Fabric of Space,” discussed the idea of the universe existing as […]

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The Source of the Energy Body

I recently asked the mystic the following question:  “How does the non-physical energy body interact with the physical body to produce health and vitality, and what is it that controls the energy body?”

He answered first focusing on the word “interact.”    He said, “interaction implies these two are separate, and they have to interact with each other.  That’s not really so.  One has grown out of the other. You cannot separate the root and the rest of the tree.  How does the root interact with the branches, the leaves, flowers, and fruits?   They happen together. If you cut down the tree without uprooting it, you know that the tree can sprout back. Similarly, this is the relationship between the energy body and the physical body.  The energy body is the root and the physical body is a just a manifestation.”

The mystic went on to explain that there is a phenomenal amount of intelligence and activity in the every cell in our bodies, even a single molecule of DNA.  So if this physical body manifests in such a majestic way, just imagine the level of intelligence and sophistication of the energy body.   Not all of the energy body manifests in the physical.  The energy body is not just about growing a physical body.  It is about the flower and fruit.   The human being has to flower and find his fruition.  The energy body is of a much higher capability with much more immense possibilities.

What manages the energy body?  The mystic said that is like asking what is it that manages the universe?  Because the context is the same.  It is only the size of the component that is different.

“It is the same emptiness, the same nothingness […]

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Does the Universe Loop Back on Itself?

If you search Google for, “Does the Universe Loop Back on Itself,” you will find a lively discussion of articles that focus on the nature of the physical universe.  The idea of a curved physical universe that loops back on itself is a theory many people now espouse.  They see a round spherical universe similar to a balloon with galaxies on the inside of the balloon’s skin.   In a way, it is similar to the revolutionary idea from the 1400’s that the earth was round. Prior to that, most people believed it was flat.   Just as with a round earth, with a spherical universe if you travel long enough in one direction, you’ll end up where you started.

From my own meditative experiences where I saw basketball universes that were stored in what I now know as the Akashic Field, each instance of the universe was round, seemed to be expanding, and had galaxies on its edges.   Adding to this idea of a spherical universe, in my Akashic experience, there seemed to be an infinite number of universes arranged in an array.  Each was an instance of “now” created (or experienced) by an individual human being.   There are several implications to what I witnessed that became apparent to me later.  First, each person is responsible for their “version” of the universe.  Second, each person creates their own version of the universe using a universal pattern of reality.

In the book, “Demystifying the Out-of-Body Experience” by Luis Minero, he explained the concepts of “Thosenes,” “Holothosenes,” and “Morphothosenes.”   While, I’ve written about Luis Minero’s ideas in another article,  to summarize briefly here,  a Thosene is a combination of a thought, energy, and emotion.  Holothosenes are thought clouds that […]

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Meeting the Soul

When someone asked the mystic about the nature of the soul, he pointed to the sole of his foot and asked, “you mean this sole?”    He scoffed at the concept of a “soul” because it implied a singularity of existence.   Instead, he prefers to talk about a spirit, which differs from the concept of a soul because it is more inclusive and can incorporate an almost infinite number of earthly existences.

Swami Kriyananda’s guru was Yogananda, and in Swami Kriyananda’s book,  A New Path, he talked about Yogananda’s discussions regarding the nature of the “True Self.”   Yogananda said that we have an internal presence that manifests itself in countless earthly lifetimes.   The True Self can be thought of as the “I am” or your personal point-of-view that lives on after death.   It maintains the continuity of existence from one lifetime to the next because it lives outside of space-time.  According to Yogananda, in some situations, the True Self may incarnate as multiple lives that exist on earth simultaneously.   From one lifetime to the next, the various existences can have entirely different personalities.  In fact, Yogananda talked about examining his incarnation as a guru before being born into it.  Despite the fact that he had a very advanced and thoughtful personality, he still saw flaws in his personality from his pre-birth perspective.  He described it as a “heavy coat” that he dreaded having to wear.

There are two opposing concepts one can discern from Yogananda’s discussions about the True Self.   One concept would be that our earthly personality does not survive death.   In discussions with the mystic about the survival of the personality, he described our individual personalities as smelly odors.   In addition,  Yogananda said that every […]

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